Tune in any Thursday morning from 6:30-8:30 and you’re likely to hear not only lively tunes to get your day moving but also commentary by a familiar voice that has been on the WMPG airwaves for many of our 40 years. Steve Hirshon, hosts Hukkin’ A Chainek, and recalls the first Begathon.


It was in 1986 and we were trying to buy a 1150 watt transmitter, he said. We were still in Gorham--USM students… (Back then, he had a rock and pop show.) “We raised about $5,000 or $6,000…The community has always supported us,” Steve said.


He remembers the shows as freeform and eclectic: We played poetry, Latin, jazz, talked about sports—whatever we felt like. Then as now, Steve said, the hosts have great knowledge of the music. His favorites? I have a good knowledge of the great American songbook, he said, and the Beatles.


Steve has always loved radio. During his tenure at ‘MPG, he’s done pretty much everything from jazz shows to providing play-by-play for USM basketball to recording “Maine Festival” acts on cassette decks. His current show is a one-of-a-kind combination of features, including Lorenzo’s Commentaries and Gallery Talk, and interviews with authors, musicians, and local people doing interesting things. Everyone deserves an opportunity to use their voice, he said.


What’s the root of ‘MPG’s uniqueness? Without hesitation, Steve answered “People can be themselves (on ‘MPG)—where else can that be?”