Chris Kukka from Scarborough views WMPG as a “critical community resource.” We asked her why.


How did you find WMPG?

A friend of mine mentioned the good music she had heard on a daily blues show, from 5 to 7pm, and I started to listen. I’m normally a NPR news junkie, but I have never found a station that regularly plays a wide range of music beyond the current top 40s until WMPG. I love classical, jazz and blues, and here was a station that played a variety of music. I loved it.


Why is community supported/sponsored radio important to you?

Because everything else is commercial, formulaic, and lacks a sensitivity and responsiveness and dare I say respect for the intelligence of local listeners.


Do you remember your first favorite radio station? How has your taste changed?

My high school years were spent in Columbia, SC many, many years ago. At that time, there were black radio stations and white radio stations and I always listened to the black station that featured the “soul” music of the day (late 1960s, early 1970s). I loved that station, that music captured how marginalized I felt and my outside status in that Southern world. And to this day I still love the blues.


Which shows do you listen to regularly? Why?

There is nothing I like better than sitting out in the patio and listening to the blues shows in the late afternoon and evening. Of course I listen to them other seasons also, but I learn a lot and it’s just a great time of the day to kick back and listen to that music…My knowledge of blues has greatly expanded over the past couple of years to include different regional blues as well as a better historic perspective of how the blues has evolved over the past 100 years… I like Sunday morning gospel when I’m in the mood.


Have you ever heard something on ‘MPG that has changed your perceptions?

Every so often I’ll catch something on the noon time news show (Amy Goodman’s Democracy Now) or the trans show (Transmissions, Wednesdays at 1pm) that has broadened my thinking.


If WMPG’s program director offered you a show, what would it look like?

Depends on time and day… I’d probably delve into a mix of classical, folk and blues.


Why do you support WMPG?

Where else can you hear this great range of music that has this wonderful local angle to it. I can learn what’s going on in the community, I can broaden myself culturally if I catch the Cambodian show or Middle East show. And it belong to “us”, the community. You can’t say that about any other radio station.


What would you tell other listeners to encourage them to support ‘MPG?

I know you can’t take Top 40 music 24/7 either. Give this station a try to find genres and grow yourself musically and culturally.


Within the next five years, how would you like ‘MPG to change?

I love the current format, just don’t lose the musical diversity or the cultural and political variety.