What's New at WMPG?

WMPG TO RAISE FUNDS TO FIX BROKEN-DOWN STUDIO! FRIDAY AND SATURDAY, JULY 22 AND 23 Friday On-Air Fundraiser 207 874-3000 or wmpg.org Saturday, The WMPG Driveway Extravaganza! 11 am to 3 pm Records! CDs! TShirts! Cookout!


There’s one spot at WMPG that’s a real blast from the past… the studio where radio is created just how it was done 25 years ago! It’s in poor repair; the duct tape and bubble gum required to keep the WMPG Production Studio up and running is taking its toll on the staff and volunteers who use it.  So, Friday & Saturday, July 22 and 23, WMPG is asking YOU to support the Production Studio Re-do.

WMPG Seeks Night Owls and Insomniacs to Make Radio!


Night Owls! Insomniacs! The Night Time is the Right Time…         To Make RADIO! WMPG Community Radio is the volunteer-run, local radio station on the Portland campus of USM. We’re live and local 24 hours/day, 7 days a week. WMPG is seeking new volunteers who would like to train as DJs for the overnight shifts. You may substitute occasionally, or try out for your own regular show!

WMPG programmer Dr. Anne Hallward Earns National Recognition for her Safe Space program!


On April 28th The Maine Association of Psychiatric Physicians presented WMPG’s  Dr. Anne Hallward with the Dr. Ulrich B. Jacobsohn Lifetime Achievement Award for  “extraordinary and tireless efforts” on behalf of those with psychiatric disorders. This was in recognition for her WMPG program Safe Space Radio. If this wasn’t enough on May 17 the American Psychiatric Association awarded her the American Women in Psychiatry’s Jeanne Spurlock Social Justice Award for Safe Space Radio’s work to give voice to marginalized and stigmatized populations.  This was  given to her in Atlanta at the national meeting of the American Psychiatric Association.

Welcome Jessica Lockhart - WMPG's new Program Director!


We are happy to report that Jessica Lockhart has been named WMPG Program Director. Her official start date began on May 16th. For those of you not familiar with Jessica, she has a long history with WMPG and USM. She currently is a USM Media Studies Instructor for Audio Production. For WMPG she has taught classes in Hindenburg and Audacity, assisted us with managing our Begathons and previously served as WMPG Program Director. She also helps with training the incoming Blunt Youth Radio participants each year.