What's New at WMPG?

Martin Luther King Special - Jan 16th 8:30am and 4pm


WMPG presents special programming on Martin Luther King Day! Listen here to WMPG on Monday January 16th from 8:30-10:30am and a rebroadcast 4-6pm. The program will feature a range of spoken segments by Dr. King including his 1964 Nobel Prize Award ceremony, from mass meetings around the Southern States where he insisted that passive resistance would be most effective, as well as from the pulpit inspiring congregations to activism. There will be plenty of civil rights songs, foot-tapping gospel tunes and soul classics. This special is presented by WMPG volunteer Michael Cutting.   

Homelessness Marathon Broadcast - Thursday January 19th, 7-11pm


WMPG is the host radio station this year for the national Homelessness Marathon broadcast. This live event will take place on Thursday January 19th from 7-11pm. The show originates from WMPG’s Portland studio and is carried across the country to be aired on other Community and Public radio stations.

13th Annual WMPG Christmas Eve Radio Marathon


Get ready to listen as WMPG DJ Jim Ward presents his special holiday program for all on Christmas Eve. Beginning on Saturday Dec 24th at 5pm you will hear songs, comedies, radio dramas and more – that invoke the Christmas spirit. Get ready to be surprised by Jim’s eclectic program. It’s a marathon because the show continues all night and ends on Christmas morning at 8:30am. Jim will be up all night monitoring Santa and the reindeer. Here’s a list of what Jim will play: